'A big problem'

Roberto Mancini has become increasingly agitated about the drawn-out transfer of Samir Nasri over the last few days: with only a few days left until the closing of the transfer window and Arsenal playing in the Champions League tonight, Nasri could be inelligible for City's European campaign by Thursday morning.

Arsene Wenger has said that Nasri could play tonight, and Mancini says that if the Frenchman does take part, it will be a 'big problem', and could even scupper the deal. Whether that's more or less likely to make him play or not is anybody's guess at the moment.

'It's a big problem,' said the Italian. 'For 40 days (I've been saying): 'I hope it's two days, three days, two days, three days.' I don't know why we didn't close it.

'If he plays in the Champions League it is a big problem. I don't know (if we would still sign him). I'm sure we can close the deal. But it's a problem because we have followed Nasri for 40 days and it's important we take him. Also, for Nasri, I think it will be important to play in all the Champions League.'

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