A big challenge

Kenny Daglish has admitted that he has a big challenge ahead of him as Liverpool boss, after the Reds lost 2-1 away to Blackpool last night.

Daglish’s side started well at Bloomfield Road, taking the lead through Fernando Torres after only three minutes, but Blackpool fought back to win with goals from Gary Taylor-Fletcher and DJ Campbell, leaving the Scot with two defeats in his first two games, and a mountain to climb if he wants to get Liverpool back on track.

‘It's obviously a big challenge,’ said Dalglish. ‘Very, very seldom do you walk into a job where there is no challenge. The encouraging side from me is the attitude and commitment of the players. The harder they try then the luckier they will get. If we keep trying really hard we can get some luck.

‘Every side that is successful needs that bit of luck and maybe at the moment that's going against us a bit. But the longer we get stuck in and don't feel sorry for ourselves, the more likely it is our luck will turn. But it's not just about a change of luck, though. We have a lot of work to do. We have to get ourselves into a position to get that luck.

‘I am disappointed. We got off to a good start, a couple of good passes and Fernando (Torres) got in and finished really well. For their first goal, you can give them credit for the way they finished it off, but we were in a good position and if we had laid the right pass then we could have walked it in for 2-0 and it would have been a different game. That was the turning point. For the second goal, we cleared the corner quite sufficiently but it's come back in and we haven't picked the guy up. Those are a couple of things we can work on, things we can solve.’

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