'A betrayal'

As Brits, few things are as amusing as watching the French blow up in a public manner. After last summer’s World Cup meltdown, in which everything that could go wrong, did go wrong for France, now their rugby team is being bashed up like a bunch of nancy boys, even being beaten by minnows Italy.

For France coach Marc Lièvremont, the one-point Six Nations loss was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and speaking after the game say that the players had: ‘betrayed us, they have betrayed me and they have betrayed the French national team shirt.’ It’s funny though, ism’t it?

‘In terms of the tactics deployed it defied belief. I did not recognise anything in their performance that we had worked on,’ he said. ‘Do you really think that I told them to play as they did against Italy? I was ashamed. I do not have the impression we asked them to walk on the moon. I do not ask for complicated things. This match was an hallucination. I do not want to clear myself from the blame but they invented things on the pitch.

‘They are lacking in courage. They are good guys but cursed with what is obviously cowardice. They are not even capable of admitting to their own mistakes.’

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