A bad, bad loser

Like a fragile, failed interior designer who’s just had a bunch of ten-year-olds let loose into his showroom armed with chocolate bars and crayons, Arsene Wenger could barely contain his outrage at his Arsenal side's 2-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge yesterday, simmering as he was with righteous indignation that his delicate footballing artistes were swatted aside with a masterful display of counter-attacking football. You can almost hear him swooning and complaining that no-one understands his vision.

‘We had 70% of possession today,’ said Wenger, whose team are now looking over their shoulders at fourth place after two hammerings from Chelsea and Manchester United. ‘We were always attacking but in a big game like that when you are 2-0 down, you demand too much. We could not get back to 2-1 and get them really wobbling.

‘It is difficult to swallow a defeat like that when we felt we were the better team. Chelsea defended well until the last minute so you have got to give them credit. You have to congratulate Chelsea. We did not get a demonstration of football but they were efficient and that is what made the ¬difference. The first goal contributed to our defeat.

‘They defended very well. We were unlucky with one or two decisions from the referee but we had mountains of possession. We could not transform it into goals.’ That’s what the game is all about, Arsene. George Graham would be spinning in his grave if he was dead.

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