800 up

Spin bowling legend Muttiah Muralitharan has become the first ever bowler to clock 800 wickets in test cricket, after taking eight wickets in his final test match against India, which helped Sri Lanka take a 1-0 lead in the Series.

Unfortunately, he won’t be around to help his countrymen take on India in the rest of the series, as he is hanging up his whites for good and concentrating on one-day and Twenty20 cricket. It was also the right time to sign off, at Galle, his favourite ground.

‘Galle is my favourite ground and this is the opportunity I was waiting for to win the match and finish it nicely,’ said Muralitharan. ‘My knee is not that great to bowl 50 or 60 overs, I thought.’

‘I've played for 19 years, I'm getting tired and getting old. There are a lot of good spinners waiting for their chance, and hopefully they can become like me one day.’

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