2014 Brazil World Cup schedule: Broadcasted matches on UK TV

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BBC and ITV are set to go all out in a bid to capture as much of the UK World Cup audience as possible this summer. ITV are in the driving seat though as they have the rights to two of England's group games versus BBC's one although it is the all important opener against Italy on June 14th. ITV will cover the Uruguay game on June 19th as well as the Costa Rica match on June 24th.

Both the BBC and ITV will have a large amount of football on offer throughout June and July with 31 televised matches each. Both networks will get to show the World Cup Final on July 13th. Once the group stages have been completed then the BBC will get the first pick of both the second round and the Semi-Finals while ITV will get top pick for the Quarter Finals.

ITV will broadcast the opening match of the tournament featuring hosts Brazil versus Croatia on June 12th while BBC have a mouth watering clash the following day between holders Spain and The Netherlands.

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Here is a list of other not-to-be-missed games to catch this summer on both BBC and ITV:

13 June Mexico v Cameroon live on ITV

14 June Ivory Coast v Japan live on ITV

15 June Argentina v Bosnia live on BBC

16 June Germany v Portugal live on ITV

17 June Brazil v Mexico live on BBC

18 June Spain v Chile live on BBC

19 June Colombia v Ivory Coast live on BBC

20 June France v Switzerland live on ITV

21 June Germany v Ghana live on BBC

22 June Belgium v Russia live on BBC

23 June Holland v Chile live on ITV

24 June Italy v Uruguay live on ITV

25 June Nigeria v Argentina live on ITV

26 June Portugal v Ghana live on BBC

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