2012 Olympic torch revealed

Despite a commitment to the contrary, the London 2012 Olympic flame will not be energy efficient, prompting London organising committee chairman Sebastian Coe to say: 'We didn't get there.'

But while the Games have failed to deliver with this symbolic gesture, they have succeeded in creating an Olympic torch unrecognisable from previous incarnations, with some commentators claiming its resemblance to a cheese-grater is uncanny.

Lord Coe claims the organisers 'ran out of time' to incorporate a flame using less carbon, an excuse that Shaun McCarthy, chairman of the commission for a Sustainable London 2012, is not buying.

'We respect the need to make sure that any solution must be 100 per cent safe and reliable, but we are disappointed that Locog and their partner EDF Energy have failed in their objective to deliver a low-carbon Olympic torch,' he said.

'The promise of a low-carbon torch was made in 2007 and so the excuse of 'we ran out of time' is not acceptable,' he added.

Meanwhile, former Tate boss Sir Nick Serota enthused at the new torch design. 'The 2012 Olympic Torch shows the flair and confidence of contemporary British design and manufacture,' Serota said. Designed by East London design studio of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the trophy's three sides represent the three London Olympics of 1908, 1948 and 2012. However, the ever sceptical media have unflatteringly compared the untrophy-like trophy to a cheese grater and a waste paper bin.

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