Your chance to win tickets to the 2012 London Summer Olympics!

The opening ceremony of the 2012 London Summer Olympics is just around the corner and the excitement can already be felt across the UK. Unfortunately all tickets have now been allocated, leaving many applicants disappointed. Nevertheless, you still have a few chances of getting your hands on some elusive tickets. The following are all competitions that are currently up and running.

The first place you should be looking for tickets to London 2012 is Bplondon2012.com. In total there are 1,000 tickets to be won and 11 pairs are being claimed per day. All you need to do is purchase £20 of fuel from your local BP station and you will be given a game card. Next, return to the website and enter your prize draw number and receive an instant result. If you do not win tickets then there are still fuel for a year prizes up for grabs. This competition closes on October 3rd 2011.

Another place to try your luck is at Cadbury's Spots v Stripes. Here users have the chance to play a host of online games and build points, which can be claimed as prizes. Each week there are a host of opportunities to claim tickets to various Olympic events. Visit www.spotsvstripes.com for full details.

The final place offering tickets to the 2012 London Summer Olympics is Pgproudsponsorsofmums.co.uk/tickets. Simply purchase a Proctor & Gamble product, either online or at your local store, and then enter the details into the website. You will then be given a unique code which should be noted on the purchase receipt. Send the receipts in the post and sit back in the hope of winning a set of family tickets.

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