Your guide to the 2012 London Olympics venues

In the summer the 2012 London Olympics venues will become familiar to all of us as we watch the dramas unfold on the track, in the pool and all over the capital. For now we picked out some of the key locations.

  1. The Olympic stadium is the centrepiece, the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies, and the main arena in the Olympic Park. It will have a capacity of 80,000 during the Games and will be packed full for all those dramatic evenings of athletics.
  2. The Aquatics Centre in the south-east corner of the Olympic Park will host all the swimming and diving events. For many visitors it will be the first venue they see, characterised by architect Zaha Hadid's spectacular wave-like roof.
  3. The Velodrome will be the venue for the track cycling. It's a very eco-conscious construction, making use of natural lighting. Olympic gold medallist Sir Chris Hoy and the British team were involved in the planning and design of a track that promises to witness some world-beating performances.
  4. Wimbledon is used to being the centre of attention once a year. In 2012 it gets a second turn in the spotlight as it becomes the most famous arena ever to host an Olympic tennis tournament. Murray mania will get another airing just a few weeks after the All England Championships.
  5. For a little sea air outside the frenzy of the capital, take yourself down to one of the prettiest 2012 London Olympics venues in Weymouth and Portland Harbour. This will be the setting for the sailing competitions, so hopefully the Channel weather will be kind.

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