' There is no way I'm leaving', says José Mourinho

Yesterday Twitter was alive with sensational rumours that José Mourinho wanted to leave Real Madrid, after French channel Canal+ reported the story. However yesterday evening the Portuguese poured scorn on the claims, and put them down to 'pseudo-Madridistas'.

Mourinho said, through his spokes person of course, that someone had got hold of texts from his time at Inter, and made out that they were recent. Many journalists found this hard to believe, but really we only have his word against somone anonymous, so let's just believe him eh?

'Only those who don't know me can dream, make up or believe I may leave at this stage,'said The Special One. 'I believe many people were surprised by the quality football showcased by Real Madrid during the pre-season and it would be surprising news to them if I left the club now. Impossible!

'I have a fantastic president, who is very intelligent and with whom I have a great friendship. I also have a director general who works for the club 24 hours a day, so my motivation is enormous and my Madridismo is even greater than that of some pseudo-Madridistas... There is no way I'm leaving. No way!'

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