Great Man Utd v Man City tickets at embley

Interested in Man Utd v Man City tickets at embley? Wembley is the setting, and the fact this match is a Manchester derby should surely add to what already promises to be a fascinating FA Cup semi-final match up. This game promises to have it all, with Manchester Utd out to prove that they are still the outstanding team in Manchester. But Man City along with their so far unproven manager Roberto Mancini will have a lot to say regarding the outcome of this mouth watering FA cup tie. Mancini will be desperate to take City to their first major final since the club won the League Cup way back in 1976. City have won the FA cup 4 times, Manchester Utd on the other hand have won the prestigious cup a record 11 times. Utd along with their manager Sir Alex Ferguson will be fired up to try make it the clubs 12th FA Cup and nothing would be sweeter than to leave their arch rivals in their wake.

If you do become the lucky owner of Man Utd v Man City tickets at Wembly, you are sure to be treated to a feast of football as these two colossal Manchester rivals battle it out in front of 90,000 adoring fans for their place in the FA Cup final. Its surely not to be missed!

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